The healthy eating habits leads the world in short-acting research. As the largest and most comprehensive diabetes research center, DDT is aggressively developing a biological cure by restoring natural insulin production and normalizing blood sugar levels without taking any other risks.

Since its inception, DDT has made significant contributions to the field of diabetes and has pioneered many of the techniques used in diabetes centers around the world. Having already shown that diabetes can be reversed by islet transplantation, DDT builds on these promising results by addressing the major challenges that have limited cell replacement therapy to the most severe cases of type 1 diabetes. Key research initiatives include the development of the DDT BioHub, a biotechnology “mini-organ” that mimics the original pancreas and contains genuine insulin-producing cells and other vital components that keep cells healthy and functional in the long term. While various BioHub “platforms” are being tested in preclinical and clinical trials, DDT researchers are also focusing intensively on developing strategies to eliminate the need for anti-rejection drugs and stop the autoimmune attack that causes the onset of the disease has supply of insulin-producing cells.