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The single mum wants to show that not everyone in Streatham

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cheap replica handbags Each week we take you inside someone’s rented property in London so we can all have a better sense of what people are paying and what they’re getting in return. Today is no different, except you’ll spot replica bags supplier some tinsel.This week we’re with Carlie, a 34 year old creative director for an art gallery who lives with her four year old daughter in a two bedroom flat louis vuitton replica bags neverfull in Streatham.Carlie got in touch after seeing Stephanie’s flat, which she pays replica bags los angeles 650 a month for.The single mum wants to show that not everyone in Streatham gets such a sweet deal, replica wallets but also to remind us that sometimes high rents aren’t down to landlords being mean she tells us her landlord has to pay a lot for the flat’s mortgage, so the rent is high to match.1,500 a month including service charges.It’s hard to say how much I pay for bills because I pay things quarterly, but I would say including Sky, phone, and broadband maybe 400 a month.My gas and electric would roughly be 200 for winter. In summer nowhere near as high. cheap replica handbags

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